A graphic designer and creative artworker by trade, Dee Dee paints in her spare time to support her primary career as freelance graphic designer.

She has been artistic from an early age and went on to complete a Diploma in Commercial Art from Paier School of Art in New Haven, Connecticut. She has been a member and has exhibited with the West Wycombe Art Group and also has exhibited with the Bucks Art Association plus other local exhibitions in Marlow and Bourne End.

She is inspired by the mood and atmosphere of dusk, the night-life of the city centres and the shapes and figures within landscapes, and paints mainly from photographs in oils.

She also does ink drawings which she calls her ‘constructive doodling’ – pen and ink swirls of beauty and imagination, letting the pen decide shapes of interest and depth and creates abstract original works which hint at the figurative.

Favourite media:
Oil, pen and ink

Mood and atmosphere;
city nightlife; shapes and figures within landscapes

Dee Dee Ruffo Nash