I have been painting with West Wycombe
Art Group since 2013 – it’s a privilege to work
with such talented and committed painters.


Looking at art has always been important to me but attempting to create it came later in life and I find each activity enhances the other. Attendance at courses and workshops with inspirational tutors has been an enabling experience and has given me the confidence to try a variety of new techniques, mediums, materials and ideas. I now find that my working method is one of direct response to the painting as it develops on the canvas, so each individual piece remains very much a challenging journey of discovery and rarely conforms to the concept of a distinct personal style.

I enjoy participating in exhibitions and open studios - it’s very satisfying and encouraging when someone chooses something that you have created.

Favourite media:
Watercolour, acrylic,
mixed media

The colours, textures
and shapes of the countryside and coast

Helen Willson