I re-discovered painting after a long gap and
found it to be so much more exciting than
the blue sugar-paper and powder paint of
school art lessons that feature not very
positively in my memories!

I have been painting with the West Wycombe Art Group since early 2013 – it’s an ongoing challenge and a privilege to work with and learn from such talented painters.

Favourite media:
Watercolour, acrylic,
mixed media

The colours, textures and shapes of the countryside

Helen Willson

My approach is both figurative and semi-abstract – in watercolour for the ‘risk’, the happy accidents and (when-if-it happens) its beauty; in acrylics and mixed media for the vibrancy and the exciting range of materials.

The colours, textures and shapes of the countryside are my first love but I vary my subjects and deliberately don’t stick to a particular ‘style’ as I like to be as responsive and versatile as possible. Much of my working life was spent in the world of education so I always try to bring that essential element – a love of learning – to my painting, which is constant process of development.

I have gained so much from many inspiring tutors; I enjoy working with others in art groups and am delighted to have had the chance to participate and sell paintings in exhibitions in the Chilterns, the Malvern Hills and in France. I am a member of Bucks Visual Images and take part in Bucks Open Studios. It’s very satisfying when someone chooses a painting that you have created.